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I am the author of  The SPEED BAG BIBLE  Book & Video training program.  I am not a boxer, just a frustrated Drummer trying to get a workout!. I see it as one of the most rhythmic activities you can do. The amazing Blue Man Group recognized the unique rhythmic potential of the Speed Bag and modified a standard rebound board to make "the speed bag drum" shown at left. This photo was shot in their NY studios in 2001. Although the speed bag has not be used in their music or stage shows, (yet...) they were fascinated by its awesome potential. Go here to read a little more about this recording session.  

I am also the owner of SpeedBagCentral.com, a site dedicated to teaching all aspects of the Speed Bag and how to use it. Many links from this site will direct you there.

I Love the sport of Boxing, and have personally studied various styles of the martial arts for many years. Although the speed bag is normally used in these areas, we believe it has great potential to athletes in all sports and fitness benefits. The Repetitive Bag Beat can also be hypnotic, enducing a peaceful trance state.

I have written numerous training articles about Speed Bag Training. Here are some web links to them, as well as other Important links.     

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Speed Baggers have been gathering together at times to meet one another, share information and training tips, as well as to see and hear some the great speed bag talent on the planet! Speed Bag Skills have gone supersonic and every year we see
and hear new combinations never thought possible!


   MARCH 5th - 6th  2005

   HEATHER WELLARD, Tonebridge, Kent UK.                  


26-hours  non-stop!  GUINNESS Record attempt!      




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