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Speed Bag Bible
Speed Bag Basics
Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!

Speed Bag Benefits

  • Rhythm & Timing
  • Upper Body Fitness
  • Hand Speed & Power
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Targeting & Self Defense
  • Creative Rhythmic Expression

Speed Bag Equipment

  • Board
  • Swivel
  • Speed Bag
  • Hand Protection

Skill Levels

  • Beginners need to focus on stance, position and swing movements.
      Do not try to hit the bag hard.  Work Control rather than Speed.
  • Advanced users can start working on techniques and Combinations
      from all round the bag. Hit only as hard as can maintain control. 


Techniques and Combinations

  • Techniques are created by Joining Fists & Elbows with only one rebound
        in between the parts. Can also be a Single Fist or Elbow contact.
  • There are 24 Techniques from all around the bag.
  •   Combinations occur when the bag rebounds two or more times
     it is hit again by a fist or elbow.
  • There are hundreds of combinations from all around the bag

Speed Bag Rhythms

  • Basic Rhythm = Triplet
  • Double Punching
  • Double Bounce
  • Fist Rolling

Martial Arts

  • The Speed Bag is perfect for Martial Arts Training
  • It can be used for Hand techniques, Elbow Strikes and Kicking
  • Distance training, moving up back and sides. Adusting your distance....


Speed Bag Video Demonstrations
 by Alan Kahn


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